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My journey as a photographer started when I bought my first film camera which I used on several occasion and while I’m traveling. Travelling was one of my dreams so I work in an international cargo ship. I saw a lot of places met different kinds of people and experience the diverse culture. During those days I just shoot anything, not knowing any setting from my camera or composition techniques. The images were fine but I wanted to learn more so I attend a short basic photography workshop and I bought my first mirrorless camera. They thought us exposure triangle and I’ve learned about the ISO, aperture and white balance. Using my mirrorless camera I practice what I’ve learned and I was happy with the outcome but I don’t understand some of the settings in my camera. So during my vacation, I tried to look for a school that teaches photography, the University of the Philippines was my first choice but it was far from Manila where I leave. The second choice was College of Saint Benilde but it was expensive. Then after hours of searching the internet the name Federation of Philippine Photographer Foundation (FPPF) come up, a non-profit organization whose advocacy is to share their knowledge in Photography. On January 2017 I bought my first DSLR camera and I enrolled in a 5-day basic photography workshop, we were the first batch.

(Basic Photography 1st batch weekdays 2017)

It was intense 5 days of learning photography but I love it and I’ve learned a whole thing about my camera. I was amazed that the instructor was also teaching in universities and colleges of my first and second choice. I was so pleased listening to all our mentor and after the basic photography workshop, I attended all the course that they offer from Advance photography, strobist, wedding photography, Lightroom, and videography.

What interests me the most was the wedding and studio lighting so I set in, to various classes just to practice. After a year of setting in, listening to lecture and shooting models, I finally decided to put my own studio and on the very first day of 2018, I launch my website www.pictureststudio.combase on the name of my studio, Picturest Studio. My studio provides fashion, commercial, debut, maternity, wedding, photo and video coverage it’s basically all the things that I’ve learned.

(me attending Advance Photography, Lightroom, Strobist and Wedding)

Photography for me is a way of life, I’ve seen and met people who gave up their professional career just to practice photography. It's an art that uses a digital flat form to create an image or sometimes film. As you visit my website you can see my transition as a photographer, I put all effort and passion into it. This is one thing I can do for the rest of my life.

Thank you for reading my Blog and don't forget to follow us on social media and if you need anything that our services can provide fill free to contact us just visit our contact information page or leave us a comment below.

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Jomar Idloy

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