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Last Saturday, February 17, 2018, was the start advance photography workshop at Federation of Philippine Photographer’s foundation (FPPF). This workshop was a continuation of Basic Photography and this year we’re shooting maternity. It is a good portfolio for a photographer since we’re shooting not just one but two mothers to be.

This is my first time to shoot maternity just in time for mother’s month celebration and I often ask myself what it is. The literal meaning is it’s the period in which a woman is pregnant or has just given birth to a child. But let’s go to the deeper meaning, there’s more to it than just getting pregnant or just giving birth. Maternity admonishes us all how we come to be a human being, reminds us all of our mother and the miracle of life. It is the proof of love and creation and it is beautiful.



Our first model was Zim eight months pregnant and she looks stunning. In her eyes reflect jubilation of being a mother. We’re using simple continuous light, one light set up and a dark background to give more emphasis to the subject. The first pose was just simple, setting in one chair and capturing that emotion of motherhood. When she lays to the ground and getting the more complicated pose I feel anxious when her belly starts to move. It was not an easy pose, especially when getting up the baby also start to move. She handles it well and an awesome picture comes out of it. The second model was Angeli also eight months pregnant the same lighting set up.

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Photoshoot like this is momentous for me and both this soon to be mother, this is a constant reminder of how we come to be as a person. Picturest studio comes out of an idea documenting maternity from the first month up to the baby is born. To show more details about maternity and you can avail it now.

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